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Well, this happened to me on the Train, but it's still a good story.

Okay, so I'm from Ontario, and I was heading into Toronto (like 30min from my place).  I had to take the train since I don't have my license, and nobody at the time had a car.  The trip up was average, nothing significant happened.  It was the trip home that makes this story what it is.

Okay, so we all board the train and get to our seats.  (I was with like 4 or 5 of my friends).  Shortly after the train starts moving, a man kinda hobbles into the car I'm in.  He's definitely not all there (mentally handicapped), and he gives me a glance.  I freeze.  He starts comming closer to me.

The man hobbles over to me then stops.  I'm still petrified, though him stopping slightly relaxes me.  The man then continues to hobble toward me to which he gives me a HUGE drooling hug.  I've been in some scary positions before, but this time I could feel my jaw drop and my eyes shoot open.  I'm kinda hoping that one of my friends would do something, but alas, they're equally stunned and fighting laughter.

So after recieving this hug, which felt like forever though it was probably only a few seconds, the man backs away a bit.  I'm thinking "Relief at last."  Boy am I wrong.  He approches me again, this time to shake my hand.  He reaches out his hand, and I cautiously reach mine out too.  I mean, I can't just ignore the guy; pretend he's not there.  Unforetunatly, I'm not cautious enough.  The man manages to change his grip so that he's firmly squeezing my hand, then it was as though he was trying to kiss my hand.  I use all my might to resist him.  He was impressively strong and put up a good fight, however I 'won'.  I use won lightly, since he eventually started rubbing his face on my hand like a cat would rub its paw on its face.  Once he does this three or four times, he lets go and steps back again.

FINALLY, I thought to myself.  The man hobbles toward the door to go into the next car.  Just before he opened it, he turns around and sticks out his hand and makes a fist.  He wanted 'props' so I gave it to him.  Then he left.  That was the last time I saw him (thank goodness)

And that's my story.  If you don't believe the validity of it, show symptoma this story and I'm sure he can explain it from his Point of View.

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